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Efficiently procure fresh and top-quality agricultural products at affordable prices without middlemen delays by bypassing the complex traditional supply chain.

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The traditional supply chain is bogged down with…

  • Long and complex procurement flow
  • High transportation and logistics cost
  • Lack of transparency
  • Food safety concerns
  • Middlemen bottlenecks and price hike

All these hurt your food business because it causes waste of manhours, increased expenses, late delivery and sometimes low quality deliverables that affect the taste of your meals.

But With Procur, you enjoy…

  • ✔️Shorter and simpler procurement flow
  • ✔️Slashed transportation and logistics cost
  • ✔️Transparent procurement process
  • ✔️Safety and quality assurance
  • ✔️Elimination of middlemen bottlenecks and good bargain prices

Our Simple, Short, But Efficient 3-Step Procurement Flow

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Register and sign-up on Procur

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Place your order and choose preferred payment mode

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Get your delivery in perfect condition within 24 hours

Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Agricultural Products Needs

Get all the items you need to prepare tasty meals delivered to you fast and in good quality without wasting man hours in the market…worrying about and bearing high transportation and logistics cost.


Fresh-Organic Vegetables From The Farm


Juicy Fruits Delivered In Perfect Condition

Organic Fruit


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